You Like Us, You really Like Us!

When our happy customers share their love of Nana Hats we just can't resist telling you all about it.

My Bananas Are Adorable

"Do hats really keep your bananas fresh longer? I don't know yet, I'm thinking yes, but they sure look cute trying!"
- KJ

So Darned Cute!

"My shark hat makes grabbing for a banana more pleasant of an experience. It makes me smile even though I may not want a banana that day!"
- Judy G.

​Works Great!

"I can't believe how well these hats preserve my bananas...even after they've been separated. The bandanas are about a week old and this Viking hat kept them fresh! And it's adorable!"
- Jac McC.

Fun Birthday Gift! 

"I’m at the stage where I don’t want any more stuff - only things I can use - and I think my friends are the same. A Nana Hat is perfect! It’s a conversation piece and it’s useful. No more rotten nanners!"
- Anonymous

It Actually Works!

"I’m shocked this works but it does. My husband buys a large bunch of bananas every week and our kitchen runs to the warmer side and after about four days they are at gross stage (in my opinion). With this cap we get through 7 days and while spotted the bananas are still firm and delicious!"
- Lisa C.

The Banana Hats really work and look so dang cute doing so! 

"No more brown bananas--the Banana Hats really work! Directions were easy to follow and the hats are darling! Great product!"
- MB


"I adore this. I got the Nana Hat for my daughter who eats a lot of bananas (smoothies). We usually have 2 bunches at a time. They end up all getting too ripe at the same time but this item kept one bunch from ripening too fast so it worked out perfectly. I also smile every time I see the little octopus on my bananas. I highly recommend it!"
-Kim G.

Adorable & a Great Gift!

"After purchasing mine I’ve ordered additional ones as gifts. Everyone who seems to like them and more are ordered. Cool silicone cap stretches to easily cover the top of the bunch and help them last longer. Adorable knit animals look just as photographed. Easy to clean, dry, and put on the next bunch each week."
-Laura C.

Yes They Work!

"I thought the banana-saving hats would just be a cute and funny gift for my husband who eats a daily banana. I was amazed at how well these caps work to preserve bananas much longer than without. No more wasted bananas, and no more constant banana muffin making!"
- Bob

One Extra Day + Makes Me Smile!

​"The monkey atop the bananas makes my every morning. I got both sizes and have used both. They're not too hard to put on, and I even have a hard time with my hands, including carpal tunnel and osteoarthritis. I'm VERY particular about my bananas, basically eating them within 2 days past crispy green. I've gotten 1-2 extra bananas by using the nana hat. I'm still a newbie so I may be able to get more as I get better at it. If you're thinking of giving it as a gift, DO! It comes in a cute little clear envelope so you could give it by itself or tuck it into a gift bag or basket. Love supporting a Shark Tank business, too.​"​
- E. Myers

It's the Difference Between a Day or Two

"This product does exactly what it's intended to do but is more cute. Personally I like a greener banana but I don't always have time to consume the whole bundle of bananas in the short period of ripe-ness transitioning. (que the banana hat) The banana hat is the safety net for me. The difference in a day or so matters to me because once those bananas get one spot too many, it's over for me. No Bueno. It's also much more satisfying to look at than plastic wrap, Uhhhg. I really only need one banana hat but I like the option to switch them out or possibly share them with a friend. "oh this? it's my banana hat. keeps my bananas alive a little longer....oh you're into that sorta thing? WELL! why don't you have this spare one on me!"
- Gricky G.

Just Buy Them Already

"I was pleasantly surprised that these little hats did help my bananas stay fresh 3 days longer. I love these adorable hats because it saves me from using aluminum foil to try and keep my bananas fresher for longer. Please note: under the hats is a white silicone lcap that is placed on the tops of the bananas and in doing so also protects the knit hat. Also, because the cap is meant to fit snugly on the bananas I was amazed they could easily be wiped out before placing them on new bananas. Bottom line: these are super cute, they do what they're intended to do and are a great alternative to aluminum foil. The only request I'd make is to maybe make the caps darker. I'm thinking after multiple uses the white cap may discolor."
- TIff R.