Yellow Bananas
Are Happy Bananas. 

Just pop one of our adorable little toppers on the crown of your bananas and they’ll stay fresh and oh-so yummy for days and days. 

Magnetically Attached

Easy On & Off Design

100% BPA-Free

Nana Hats on TikTok

Because Nobody Likes a Mushy Banana.

We created the simplest, yet incredible effective solution to the yucky, overripe banana. With our innovative design and BPA free silicone, our super cute Nana Hats inhibit the gas that fruit releases slowing down the ripening process - brilliant!

You like us, you really like us!

It works well

"My bananas stay fresh longer and take longer to start looking brown. I keep my bananas in the fridge and the color changes and they get too ripe for me in about 3 days. Now my bananas stay good for a week or more! They still change colors fairly quickly but the inside is perfect. ”
- Hippo Lover

Great Product

“My bananas used to turn brown in 3 days. I hated the frequent trips to the store for fresh bananas. Not anymore. I've had bananas stay yellow & fresh for up to a week. This product is simple, yet effective. Oh, and it's cute too!”
- Cheryl Graham Francis

I love this thing!

"I ordered 2 since we go through a lot of bananas in a week. This really keeps bananas from turning brown for a longer period of time. The knitted hat makes it sooooo cute! I am very happy with my purchase.”
- sophiesmom