Frequently Asked Questions

Brush up on your Nana Hats knowledge

It depends! Every bunch of bananas will move along the ripening process differently but our customers have reported their banana freshness being extended by anywhere between 25% - 125%.

When you apply the Nana Hat, it is really important to make sure to stretch and pull the silicone cap as far down the crown of your banana bunch as possible. It should feel quite snug and secure on top of the banana crown. If you apply the silicone cap in this manner, you are going to have fantastic results.

We recommend using our Standard Size Silicone Caps for banana bunches with 1-3 bananas and our Large Size Silicone Caps for banana bunches with 4+ bananas.

We recommend replacing the silicone cap every 3-6 months, depending on your frequency of use.

Yes! We recommend washing your silicone cap with warm water and mild soap. Make sure the silicone cap is completely dry before applying to bananas.